Ickneild Way, Tring

Ickneild Way, Tring

Type of project

Garage conversion, first floor remodelling to existing bedrooms; including the alteration of a timber framed attic space in Tring.


Avatar Engineering were called in early by the Architect who needed advice on the removal of load bearing studwork walls in a timber frame section of a property in Tring.

The architect was Jonathan Tucker from Nett Assets in Croxley Green.

Right from the word go, the client was keen to get involved. Our first challenge was investigating how the original structure supported it self, so that we could correctly identify which walls we were able to remove. Local reinforcement of the existing timber trusses was required by using steel flitch plates and bolted connections.

Services included

Flitch beam design, steel beam design, temporary support, foundation design, masonry design, structural report

Special considerations

The project involved extensive modifications, and therefore careful assessment of the existing timber framed structure had to be carried out.


Tring, Hertfordshire

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