Bradley Road, Luton

Bradley Road, Luton

Type of project

Change of use, part demolition and extension of existing chalet bungalow to an Islamic educational centre for a community in Luton.


It was essential to respond early to both the the planning officers and building control with their queries due to the sensitivity of this project within this local Luton community.

Structurally, most of the internal load bearing walls were being removed to make way for the remodeling of the interior. This meant very large and therefore heavy steel beams were required to support the roof and attic conversion.

Also a change of use meant a that  large increase in imposed loading had to be passed through the floor and foundations.

The local Islamic community the Suffa Tul Islam UK Association Luton, needed a very quick turn around. With the help of Avatar Engineers, we were able to put them in contact with Kevin Larkin of Form Design in Oxfordshire – who helped them extensively with their teething problems with the planners and building control.

Services included

Structural Engineering Design, Foundation Design, Temporary Works, Site Inspections, Attic Roof Design, Surveying

Special considerations

Speed and fast reactive site visits were required to fulfil our promises to Faisal and the Suffa Tul Islam UK Association in Luton. The builders were working to help the local community and therefore a lot of the work was carried out during the weekends also.


Luton, Bedfordshire

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