Studwork Wall (timber)

2013-10-16 10.51.34Studwork walls are usually constructed from either timber or light metal posts. In a domestic project, it is almost always timber.

Stud walls are also commonly referred to as carcasing timber, or cacassing walls.  These walls support only there own weight and that of their coverings, eg. plaster, tiles and shelves. These can also be called non-load bearing studwork walls.

Studwork is recognised by the timber posts [studs] which are positioned approximately 400mm to 600mm from one another, along the length of the wall. Again, normally these walls are covered using plaster board and perhaps some insulation between the studs.

Occasionally, a timber stud wall will be covered using plywood which is screwed to the studs. This increases the strength, and is normally a sign that the stud wall is load bearing.

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